A few years ago I started watching Nascar.  Just casually really.  My brother loves it and my husbands enjoys it when we remember there is a race and turn it on.  I have to confess, the accidents are very exciting! I was very happy to see Matt Kenseth won yesterday's race - and on is birthday!

But I digress...Matt Kenseth.  I began rooting for him after I saw him in a race a while back.  His car was completely smashed and inoperable.  He had his crew pit get right to work on it even though it didn't seem likely he would be able to resume this race. 

The sports caster who interviewed him asked him why he was bothering to get his crew to wrok on his car when it was unlikely that he would be able to re-enter this race.  His answer impressed me and stuck with me - I will paraphrase it here

Even if I only get one more lap in it will be worth it - you never know when that
one lap could be all I need to win.

So what has this got to do with job search?  Well, I think job searching is like Nascar racing, at least the way Matt Kenseth thinks about it:  You never know when that one application, resume, contact will be the one you need to get the job. 

One thing I find myself saying to clients over and over is - We don't care about the employers who don't hire you, only the one who will. 

Have a goal, develop a plan, map out a schedule, follow it and you will be a winner in the end!

How have you gotten jobs in the past?  How did it feel?  Comment below or email me!

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