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Here are some great articles by great career experts I shared this week:

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4 essential articles to negotiate salary effectively http://tiny.cc/5c51tw 
Tweet Are you dreading the salary question from a potential employer, whether it is posed on an online job application form or at an interview? Here are four Getajobtips.com artic...

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My LinkedIn tip for the day: be able to articulate your strategy for sending/accepting invitations to connect.
My LinkedIn tip for the day: are the skills on your profile still the ones you want highlighted? goo.gl/HWB9y
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Earlier this week I asked you all what you want career bloggers to write about. Kelli C., a public relations professional, said she wanted advice on how to chan

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How to Update an Outdated Resume
If you’re back in the job market after years of employment, your resume probably needs a facelift. Your job experience may be extraor

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Over 90% of in-house recruiters hired people from LinkedIn. Here are my 10 best tips for finding your perfect job fast via LinkedI

10 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Job Fast With LinkedIn | CAREEREALISM goo.gl/UuvjX

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WEDNESDAY WORDS http://www.morguefile.com/creative/Jusben I think we all can remember an occasion when we ASSUMED something with the usual results - we know that when we ASSUME some thing we usually...

Mary Sherwood

TUESDAY TIP http://www.morguefile.com/creative/imelenchon No matter how long you have been searching for work, if you feel something isn't working... change it! Many job seekers and even professiona...

How to job search: putting the pieces together. Job searching is a lot like putting an easy to assemble item together. You need all the pieces if you want the finished product to resemble the diagram..

#job search #tip follow up closely to get the job you want or need! pinterest.com/pin/9795336061

#Job Search for the Rest of Us!: putting the pieces of the job search puzzle together jobsearchfortherestofus.com/2012/07/job-se

THURSDAY THOUGHT: It is not enough to have a good mind... goo.gl/lZ5Is

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