I was reading a colleagues article yesterday about choices.  In her article, J.T. O'Donnell related an incident in her music class that reminded her about a message she learned early on, "we are never choice-less."  It reminded me of a time in the fifth or sixth grade (a distant memory!).

We were in English class and learning spelling or vocabulary words, my favorite.  Now that I am sitting down to write this I realize it must have been vocabulary because I clearly remember the AHA moment when she wrote the word on the board:


Then she wrote the definition on the board in her neat and well scripted chalkboard writing hand:

Experienced through somebody else rather than at first hand, by using sympathy or the power of the imagination.

What could be better? Let others suffer their bad decisions (choices) while you learn from it!  Genius.  

Over the years I have been reminded of the power of this concept, but far too infrequently.  Primarily I only apply it when something strikes me close to home.  I'll have to remember that, I think.  Sometimes I lose track of it.  Always I wish I didn't.

Sometimes as we go through life we face similar problems or issues at a different [more challenging] level.  If we are thoughtful or seek out advice we do better this time around.  Not always.  It seems that some of us are just prone to carry our same issues throughout the whole of our life. 

In career counseling we often call this a weakness and prepare clients to answer the interview question, "What are some of your weaknesses or something you find you have to work on?" As we all strive to be our best selves each day, I am prompted to ask this of myself and you.

What are some of your weaknesses that may be keeping you from being your best self and how can you overcome or improve this?  Comment below or email me! 

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