Let your past make you better, not bitter. - UNKNOWN
The best part of our past is what we learn from it.  Unfortunately, many of us tend to hold too tightly to those things that were the best or worst of times. We choose to live and relive in a past  glory which keeps us from seeking future glory. Or, we choose to live and relive in a past tragedy that keeps us in a tragic state.

Examine the past, employment or otherwise, and determine what you can use to make your life better now and in the future.  Let the rest go - especially if it will not benefit you. 

  • Fired -  examine the circumstance objectively and determine how to avoid this in the future.  
  • Laid off - do the same to determine if there were any predictors or how you might proactively avoid a similar circumstance in the future.
  • Passed over for promotion or offer - examine what you might change or how you might grow into a future opportunity.
  • Injured - invest yourself in your rehabilitation and return to work, not blaming your employer, insurance company, coworkers
  • Childhood tragedy - if there is something you can do, do it; if not, let it go; if you can't, talk it out with a therapist, mentor, pastor.  Let it go or let it consume you. 
  • Break up - They don't deserve you.  Examine what led to the relationship, what didn't work, and what will work in the future
Examine the past briefly. Live in the present fully. Plan for the future. 

How do you cope with the past?  Comment below or email me!