If you are out of work or searching for a career path, it can be very helpful to review past evaluations or performance reviews.  Chances are you will find mostly good comments, so this can really be a good lift in the midst of a job search.

Make a list of all the good qualities, activities, and achievements you find.  Make a separate list of areas that are noted for improvement

Reviewing the resulting lists will reinforce and remind you of your strengths so that as you strive to find a career path you will have these uppermost in your mind.  This list can also help to prepare you for interviews, answering the questions:

1. What are your strengths?
2. What are your weaknesses?

You may also be reminded about coworkers with whom you have lost contact that you may benefit from contacting to add to your network.

What other benefits can you think of for reviewing past evaluations?  Comment below or email me!