Today I was inspired by this quote shared by Julia Erickson: There are two voices in your mind; one is always wrong.~Karen Casey.  It isn't always easy to know which voice to listen to, but in the end we often just know which one is right.  It may not be the easiest, most pleasant, or enticing choice, but....

If you are faced with a difficult decision today and continue to find yourself in a quandary try this simple technique to break a tie:

Flip a coin.  Yes, flip a coin.  Heads for decision one and Tails for decision two.  If you are tempted to flip again, just go with the "losing" side.  It works every time!

For more complicated decisions or those that involve more than one choice:

Make a list of Pros and Cons. Select the choice with the most Pros.  If you like you can narrow several choices down to two and flip a coin.  This never fails!

How do you make difficult decisions?  Comment below or email me!