Many times my clients are looking for work because they have been unexpectedly terminated, laid-off, or injured at work. Often, they have never considered what they wanted in a job or from an employer. Employees tend to remain with their employers until forced to leave instead of considering what they want from an employer or, even, what they would like to do for work.

You may be among these many.  Maybe you applied for an got your first job right out of school and never looked back.  Perhaps you followed in the footsteps of a family member or followed their advice.  You may be in the perfect career and with the perfect employer - if so, congratulations!  If not, welcome to the club!

If you are looking for work unexpectedly, it may be the first time you have actually had the opportunity to consider what you would like to do and what employer you would like to work for.  Take a few minutes and do this!  

You don't have to hold out for this dream job. But the more you think about what it is you are looking for, the closer you may come to obtaining it! You may need to take the first job that comes along to get the bills paid, but now is the time to examine what you may need to do to build on THAT job to get to your DREAM JOB. 

Some things to consider: 

  • Setting - Office, retail, home-based, plant, warehouse, etc.
  • Culture - Creative, open, casual, structured, formal...
  • Location - City, rural, another area altogether, easier commute...
  • Industry - Finance, Health, Business, Agriculture, Trades....
  • Hours - Full time, part time, day, night, flexible...
  • Pay - Salary, hourly, amount...
  • Style - Team, independent, cubicle...
  • Benefits - Health, life, disability, commission, bonus...
  • Title - Write your own________________________

What are you looking for in a job or from an employer?  Comment below or email me

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