Responsibility. Encarta Dictionary defines responsibility as the state, fact, or position of being accountable to somebody or for something.  To what person or thing are you responsible these days? If you are working, chances are good that you have clear cut and well defined responsibilities.If you are out of work, maybe not so much!

You may still be financially responsible for your family expenses, either totally or partially.  You may have assumed more responsibility for household and child care.  Do you find your day filled up with tasks other than job search?  Are you using these as a way to avoid the pain of rejection or lack of response to your job search. 

What you do each day is your responsibility.  You alone can decide what you want to achieve today.  This may include household and child care tasks. But, in the end, you must approach your job search as your full time job.

If you want to be successful you absolutely must apply yourself diligently to your job search and put your best foot forward every day.  This may result in some unrest on the home front if you don't discuss and plan for it.... Tread lightly here!

It is very important that you and your loved one agree on what will be done by whom.  Your house is probably not a dictatorship that will submit to your change in direction without discussion.  If you think it is, you are probably wrong....

Make it your responsibility to ensure, not only your success, but your family's as well.  You can do this by striking a balance between your job (looking for work) and family responsibilities.  Not an easy task on any day.  But it is possible!  Here are a few tips to get you going.

  1. Pick your battles carefully
  2. Plan discussions when everyone involved is rested, fed, and free of distractions
  3. Have regular meetings to discuss how things are going
  4. Use a family calendar to keep everyone in the loop
  5. Share something positive about your job search efforts everyday
  6. Venting may be necessary, but consider carefully to whom and about what! 
  7. Add your own 
What tips do you have to make the responsibility of job search more tolerable? Comment below to let me know! 


Kwanzaa 2012

Kwanzaa is a week long African American celebration observed from December 26 to January 1 each year.

DATE Principle in English THEN Principle in Swahili

December 26  Unity Umoja
December 27 Self-Determination Kujichagulia
December 28 Collective Work & Responsibility Ujima
December 29 Cooperative Economics Ujamaa
December 30 Purpose Nia
December 31 Creativity Kuumba
January 1       Faith         Imani

For further information, you can find more facts at the Apples for the Teacher website.

This series will be followed by the 12 days of Christmas series beginning Christmas Day!

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