The Economists View defines Ujamaa or Cooperative Economics as: To build and maintain our own stores, shops and other businesses and to profit from them together. In my previous post, I shared the principal of Collective Responsibility and focused on the importance of spreading out family responsibilities across members.  

You will be more successful in spreading the responsibility if you also spread the "wealth" as it were.  Go out of your way to give some thought to how each member of the family can or will benefit from taking on some additional responsibilities.  Try not to get caught up in whether or not they should have been doing so all along or not - this will not help ANYONE. 

Think of it as using a carrot instead of a stick - highlight the benefits of the changes you are asking for and you will be more likely to get cooperation.  A win-win for everyone!
In the end, this principle goes hand in hand with cooperative responsibility and cannot be easily separated. Nor should it. You can start by:
  1. Making a list of those activities that are usurping your time or energy.  
  2. Note which can be handled relatively easily by someone else.
  3. What positive benefit will this result in for you AND the someone else?
  4. Think short and long term.
  5. How and when will changes be evaluated?
How will you employ cooperative economics to increase the effectiveness of your job search?  Comment below to let me know! 


Kwanzaa 2012

Kwanzaa is a week long African American celebration observed from December 26 to January 1 each year.

DATE Principle in English THEN Principle in Swahili

December 26  Unity Umoja
December 27 Self-Determination Kujichagulia
December 28 Collective Work & Responsibility Ujima
December 29 Cooperative Economics Ujamaa
December 30 Purpose Nia
December 31 Creativity Kuumba
January 1        Faith         Imani

For further information, you can find more facts at the Apples for the Teacher website.

This series will be followed by the 12 days of Christmas series beginning Christmas Day!

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