United Space Alliance layoffs 73 workers in Houston

United Space Alliance LLC is moving forward with anticipated employee layoffs. On Feb. 8, NASA’s largest shuttle contractor filed paperwork to lay off 73 Houston workers.

The company, equally owned by The Boeing Co.    (NYSE: BA) and Lockheed Martin Corp.    (NYSE: LMT), has laid off thousands of employees since the notice of the end of the space shuttle program. Its next round of layoffs will take place on April 13 and impact workers at three Houston-area sites.

According to Workers’ Adjustment and Retraining Notification paperwork filed with the Texas Workforce Commission, United Space Alliance will lay off a variety of employees, which include engineering staff, computer science staff and operations and processing staff.

Kari Fluegel, spokeswoman for USA, said the company expects to lay off more employees in the future, but she does not know when those layoffs will be announced.

USA had 1,337 employees in Houston in January, Fluegel said. In April, the company will have 1,264.

Employees who are laid off receive severance packages varying on their time of employment with the company. Laid-off employees with specialized skills will be part of a retention program in which they receive a stipend in addition to a severance package.

Source: Biz Journals