San Diego Unified School District plans for 1,100 job cuts

The San Diego Unified School District is preparing Wednesday to lay off more than 1,100 employees and and increase class sizes to try to close a potential $124 million budget gap.

The board accepted Superintendent Bill Kowba's recommendation on Tuesday.

The budget will be planned with certain factors in mind, Kowba said. The district may be able to negotiate with employees to help the district save money.

The plan calls for nearly 800 teachers to be eliminated, because their service would no longer be necessary due to the increase in class size. The plan would also require the district to sell off $21.5 million in real estate

Kowba is basing the budget cuts on the failure of Governor Jerry Brown's new initiative which would raise income tax on individuals who earn more than $250,000 per year and a half-cent sales tax increase.

"This year, the governor's budget proposal for education is dependent upon the November election which means it's very likely that we're not going to see much change," said board member Richard Barrera."If that ballot measure, or some ballot measure passes, all it means is that we don't have additional cuts, it doesn't mean additional revenue coming
into the district."

The initiative is headed to the ballot in June.

Source: San Diego 6