Manheim Remarketing plans to layoff 70 employees in Texas

Manheim Remarketing Inc. dba Manheim San Antonio plans to lay off 70 employees, according to a letter the company sent to the Texas Workforce Commission.

The letter states that the company plans to assign its transportation function to a third-party vendor, which result in a workforce reduction.

The targeted date for the layoffs is Monday, March 27 and will likely be permanent.

Furthermore, the letter states that the affected employees — who have all been notified — will be provided health coverage and pay (where applicable) for a 60-day period. There will be no employee displacement or bumping of other employees in connection with the layoffs.

Manheim is a wholesale vehicle auction company. The company has 122 locations across the globe. Manheim is a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises    .

Manheim San Antonio is located at 2042 Ackerman Road. Manheim auctions off bank-repossessed vehicles and vehicles that are owned by car-rental companies.

Source: Biz Journals