Global Tungsten and Powders Corporation to layoff 150 employees

Global Tungsten and Powders Corporation, formerly known as Sylvania, in Towanda, is letting go of 150 of its employees.

The company is one of the largest worldwide suppliers of tungsten powder, often used in explosives.

According to a statement released by GTP, changes in technology and a drop off in sales of wire and phosphor are a direct cause of the layoffs.

The company currently employs 950 workers. The positions being eliminated are all associated with the plant's production of wire products.

In a statement, officials say most of the cuts will be accomplished through retirements and transfers.

Although the cuts are not set to begin until September, one Bradford County Pizza Shop is already worried about its future.

"It's going to be really hard to make it. Business is going to slow down a lot,” says Giovanni Mignano of Papa V’s Pizza.

Many neighbors agree, concerned that jobs will continue to leave the area.

Just last month, several natural gas companies announced they were slowing down production in Bradford County.

Linda Bailey of Towanda says, "Lot less in the area, means less work. Not enough work as it is."

"Me myself being unemployed, a lot more people losing their jobs is sad, there's not many out here as is,” says LeRoy Caskey of Sayre.

Still others think Bradford County will remain strong.

"With the gas companies here, there is hardly anybody who can't find a job. That's the thing. And the layoffs will probably been done through a lot of retirements, I don't think it will hurt anybody,” says Betty Snyder of Towanda.

The cuts will be completed by February 2013.

Source: WETM TV