Offset Paperback plant layoffs 69 employees in Dallas

A printing facility in Luzerne County will lay off 69 full-time employees.

The Offset Paperback plant near Dallas in Dallas Township makes 350 million paperback books a year.

Because of the increased competition from electronic books, company officials confirm they will slash 69 jobs by the end of January. The company currently employees close to 600 full-time workers.

Offset Paperback released this statement to Newswatch 16.

"While the company has avoided significant losses, the rapidly evolving publishing market and the continued popularity of e-readers and other devices impacted the company`s output in 2011," a company statement said.

On January 27 Offset will lay off 69 full-time positions and hire part-time employees.

Some of the employees who will be laid off told Newswatch 16 they worked there for 15 years, and now they don't know what they are going to do.

Source: WNEP