Magyar Suzuki, Hungarian unit of Japanese carmaker Suzuki not planning for layoffs

Magyar Suzuki, the Hungarian unit of Japanese carmaker Suzuki, will not lay off workers at the company’s factory in Esztergom (N Hungary) in spite of GM’s decision to discontinue production of Opel Agila cars at the plant, Magyar Suzuki Communications Director Viktoria Ruska told MTI on Monday.

Ms. Ruska said that Magyar Suzuki would replace production of the Agila with that of another model, noting that the unit expects to assemble 170,000 vehicles in 2012, just as in 2011.

Magyar Suzuki employs 3,400 workers, and suppliers’ headcount is around 50,000. Suzuki accounts for 2% of Hungary’s total annual exports according to the company’s calculations.

Source: BBJ