LSU Health Care Services plans for 100 layoffs

Employees at University Medical Center have received a notice of impending layoff.

The LSU Health Care Services Division, which oversees UMC, sent out the notices Tuesday to employees at its eight institutions across the state.

The notice is required by state civil service rules, but does not necessarily mean that every employee who received a notice will be laid off.

According to the notice, the UMC layoffs will be effective March 5.

UMC Administrator Larry Dorsey said the hospital employs approximately 900 people. If the proposed layoff plan is implemented, there could be 80 to 100 layoffs at UMC, resulting in four medical services being closed.

Dorsey said he is hopeful that an effort in Baton Rouge to come up with funding from other sources would prevent the layoffs, but that the LSU system is taking action to prepare employees and hospitals for staff reductions.

“This layoff is being proposed due to the inability of the Health Care Services Division to realize the additional federal funding for care delivered to the uninsured and Medicaid population amounting to $29 million during the current fiscal year, FY 2011-2012,” the notice reads.

The LSU system’s layoff plan still must be approved by the state civil service board.

So far, the system has not specified how many employees may be laid off as a result of the state budget cuts.

Source: The Advertiser