KFC layoffs at corporate offices and restaurants

KFC says it has made layoffs both at its corporate offices and at restaurants.  The company cites the need to reduce costs and become more efficient.

A statement from KFC Senior Director of Public Relations Karen Sherman says the company wants to improve business with new products that are marketed well.

"We are doing everything possible to help support those affected by the reorganization in their transition," Sherman said in a news release.

The company is not revealing how many people have been laid off or exactly what positions they hold.

KFC's parent company, Louisville-based Yum Brands, has concentrated on expanding KFC's business along with its other restaurant chains, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.  Yum sold Long John Silvers and A&W last month to concentrate on those other brands.

Increasingly, much of Yum's expansion takes place overseas, and KFC has aimed itself at the Chinese market.  The Bloomberg financial news service reported Thursday that the company has seen success with breakfast food as well as with a delivery service and keeping its restaurants open 24 hours.

Source: WDRB