Batesville Casket Company to layoff 100 employees

One of southeast Indiana's largest employers will be laying off 100 employees. The city that surrounds Batesville Casket Company will likely feel the impact.

The company's president, Kim Dennis, said workers were notified about the layoffs on Friday.

Dennis said the company isn't at risk of closing, but needs to adapt to changes in the industry.

"We see a continuing shift in consumer trends. We see a shift from metal caskets to wood caskets. We see a shift towards cremation. All of those things make us, as a company, need to respond to those changes," Dennis said.

Dennis said some employees will be offered early retirement, while others will get severance packages.

The company is Batesville's No. 1 employer.

"I'm sure it's gonna have some impact," said Randy Stoneburner, the owner of Randy's Roadhouse. "But we're as curious as anybody else as to what degree that impact is gonna hit us."

Dennis said the company will try to help those that do get laid off find work in Batesville.

People who live in Batesville said the community will come together to help as well.

"It's a small community," Stoneburner said. "People here are real supportive of each other and helpful with each other, and so I think they'll keep it up."

Source: WLWT