Amonix cuts 200 jobs

As President Barack Obama's message of clean energy still resonates in the Las Vegas valley, a solar plant in North Las Vegas is laying off several hundred workers.

The employees of an Amonix contractor say they just got the word on Monday and pink slips Tuesday.

The contractor says they're re-tooling to produce new technology, and that is the reason for the layoff. Amonix says it's cycling out its old systems and doesn't need as many employees. They went from about 300 workers down to 100.

Just seven months ago, Governor Brian Sandoval, Representative Shelley Berkley and North Las Vegas Mayor Shari Buck talked about the hundreds of clean energy jobs that would boost the economy.

Some employees say the announcement came out of nowhere.

"(I'm) praying that we get called back to work," said laid off worker Louis Cattuah. "(I) filed for unemployment -- take whatever that is and just keep praying and look forward."

Cattuah has worked at the plant since last April. He has a wife but no kids. He says he's concerned about some of his co-workers who did have younger mouths to feed.

Amonix says the cuts are temporary and they plan to re-hire in the second half of the year. They say former employees like Cattuah will have top priority.

Source: News Now