Savannah River Remediation laid off 48 employees of Monday

Savannah River Remediation implemented 48 involuntary layoffs Monday, which, combined with the employees who are retiring or who opt to leave voluntarily, bring the contractor's total workforce reduction to 86 employees.

On Nov. 8, SRR announced a need to reduce its workforce by up to 100 employees, and 18 employees opted to leave voluntarily during a self-select phase that ended Nov. 18, according to SRR spokesman Dean Campbell.

Since then, an additional 20 employees have decided to leave the contractor through normal attrition, like retirement, said Dave Olson, SRR president and project manager, in a letter to all SRR employees on Monday.

"With the Involuntary Separations Program (ISP) implemented today, we are reducing our workforce by an additional 48 employees," Olson said in his letter on Monday. "The sum total of 86 reductions in full-time personnel through both attrition and the (workforce restructuring) meets the workforce objectives necessary to accomplish our high-level waste mission in 2012 in alignment with expected funding."

Campbell said there will not be a need for any additional layoffs to reach the 100 employees originally sought.

"We were able to look at the entire workforce and make sure we have the right people in the right places, so we didn't need that up to 100," Campbell said.

The 48 layoffs were the first involuntary layoffs at SRR. SRR previously conducted an involuntary separation phase over the summer and drew 99 volunteers.

"Please know that I wish only the best for all of those SRR employees who are affected by the WFR (workforce restructuring). I appreciate their contributions to our team and its success," Olson said in his letter. "While there is never a good time to implement an ISP, we will move forward as we prepare our company for its important work in the future."

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions was also to begin notifications Monday for its most recent phase of involuntary layoffs, expected to further reduce the workforce by approximately 50 employees.

SRNS has reduced its workforce by more than 1,000 employees over the past year.

Employees who are laid off from SRS or who leave their positions voluntarily receive severance packages of one week of pay for each year of service at the Site, up to 26 weeks, and have access to the SRS workforce transition center located in downtown Aiken.

Source: Aiken Standard