ITT Exelis discloses layoff plans for next year

ITT Exelis plans layoffs at three of its Night Vision related plants next year.

The layoffs will be at the company’s plant in Roanoke County, West Springfield, Massachusetts, and San Diego, California in “early 2012,” according to Ken Darby, Director of Communications for ITT Exelis.  Darby did not have an exact number, and said that number would be released early next year.

Darby blamed the shrinking of the Department of Defense’s budget, and the troop draw downs in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the move.  Darby added that the decision was not related to the failure of the Congressional Supercommittee, and the automatic $600 billion spending cuts that are set to take effect to the Defense Department starting in 2013.

Darby said the company saw the need to shrink its production capacity going into 2012, and reduce its workforce for its Night Vision systems.

Source: WSLS