Gardner Denver temporarily layoffs 13 employees

Gardner Denver temporarily has laid off 13 employees from its Thomas Products division Monroe plant because of supply issues, an executive for the company said Wednesday.

Mark McElhinny, vice president and general manager of Thomas Products, said all of the affected employees will be brought back to work within four to six weeks.

He said language in the company's contract with its union refers to any layoffs lasting five or more days as long-term layoffs.

"A supply-related issue is preventing us from running certain cells," McElhinny said.

"It's an acute supply issue we're addressing with our suppliers that, once solved, will put us back at full operation."

Gardner Denver employs about 250 full-time workers at its Monroe Air Industrial Park plant. The work force has more than tripled since the company decided to consolidate operations in Monroe beginning in 2009.

That decision was based in part on a $19 million incentive package from the city and the state.

McElhinny said the company isn't in jeopardy of breaching its contract with the state, which requires Gardner Denver to maintain certain employment and payroll levels.

"We're meeting all of our obligations to the city and state," he said.

Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo said the company hasn't contacted him about any changes in the work force.

"The last official and public word I had from the company was that there is a possibility for expansion in the future," Mayo said. "That's our continued hope."

Source: The News Star