360networks cuts more jobs

A number of former 360networks employees were laid off in Butte on Thursday once the sale of the company to Zayo Group became final.

Zayo, a Colorado-based bandwidth company, completed its purchase of 360networks Dec. 1.

According to sources in the company who did not wish to be named, the number of immediate layoffs is between nine and 15. Some of the layoffs were in management positions, according to sources, and others will be let go in the next six months for a total of about 24 lost jobs. 360networks previously had about 75 Montana employees, many of whom were based in Butte.

Zayo President Glenn Russo said he not know the exact number of local layoffs, but he did not say the numbers reported by The Montana Standard were inaccurate.

Russo said 360networks and Zayo had similar structures and there was some overlap of positions, meaning former employees from each company were let go in the last week.

Zayo focuses on the high-density fiber optic cables in large metropolitan areas while 360networks specialized in the cable running through rural areas which connects large cities.

Russo said Zayo expects their Montana division to be an important part of the future of the company, which now becomes one of the largest bandwidth infrastructure companies in North America. Zayo expects annual revenue of $393 million and owns more than 44,000 route miles and nearly 2 million fiber miles, they said in a press release.

Source: Billings Gazette