Northwestel plans to cut 29 jobs

Telecommunications company Northwestel is giving some of its employees an unwelcome Christmas present.

The company confirmed Tuesday it will lay off workers, but it doesn’t add much else.

A man walks past Norwestel office in Whitehorse in March 2007. The company confirmed to CBC News Tuesday that it will lay off 29 workers. Northwestel provides communications for the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and parts of northern B.C. Chuck Stoody/The Canadian Press“I can confirm that we are dealing with an internal matter right now, but we do want to respect the privacy of our employees at this time,” said company spokesperson Emily Younker.

She said 29 employees across the North have been told they will be laid off - 17 are union positions and 12 are non-union positions. The company says it is trying to realign some job functions in order to optimize operations.

Northwestel says it is offering retirement incentives to the union employees with 30 years of pensionable service. The company adds the layoffs will not affect service to customers.

The company serves all three territories and northern British Columbia with cable, internet and phone services. It has been in operation for more than 60 years.

Source: CBC