More than 1,000 layoffs hits Toronto public workers

At least 1000 city workers will be laid off in a bid to eliminate 2,300 city jobs, deputy mayor Doug Holyday told CityNews on Wednesday night.

The rest will be eliminated through attrition and buyout packages.

"There's about 1000 (layoffs) which is something that isn't usually done municipally," Holyday said, adding that the layoffs would happen in all departments across the board.

"(It will be) union, non-union, inside and outside workers."

"We are trying to become more efficient, we've got redundant positions and it makes no sense to keep paying for redundant positions."

The move to eliminate 2300 jobs was outlined in the 2012 operating budget, released Monday. The budget will be voted on in January.

Holyday said layoffs are a necessary part of that process but vowed "service will not be directly affected."

"It's the circumstances we find ourselves in," he said. "We don't take any glee in doing this, it's not something we really wanted to have to do...but this is the situation we find ourselves in, we've got bills to pay and don't have the money to pay them."

680 News is reporting that layoffs will include 150 jobs from Toronto Public Libraries, more than 300 jobs from the TTC, and over 350 Toronto Police Service employees.

Councillor Maria Augimeri said pink slips are already being handed out.

"It's my understanding that many pink slips have already been received by our staff," she said. "It's a very sad situation."

"I understand that entire departments have been decimated, and in particular departments that reach out to communities and try to make them better places to live."

"Despite a promise during the last election campaign that the mayor would not cut services, it's come to pass that services will definitely be cut."

Councillor Shelley Carroll stressed that the budget still has to pass council.

"This city council has a vision for this city even if the mayor doesn't," she said. "I feel very confident that (in January) you'll see this council's vision for the city and that will be different than the mayor's vision presented in this budget."

Source: City TV