Layoffs possible at TrailBlazer facility in Texas

Rumors are that dozens of jobs at the Denison TrailBlazer facility may be cut.

A representative from TrailBlazer Health Enterprises, a Dallas-based company with an office in Denison, said they found out a few days ago that they lost out on a bid for a major new Medicare contract. Now, the company spokesman said some jobs may be on the line.

TrailBlazer spokesman, Billy Quarles said his company currently provides services to Medicare and customer service to healthcare providers in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado. Their contract runs out next August. The new contract would have included three additional states: Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi, to their service area.

Losing out means, when their current contract ends in August, they'll lose their current jurisdiction and they're likely have to lay off workers.

"This is a challenging time for employees, it's an uncertain time. And what we've asked our employees to do is just continue to do what they've done like in the past four years of this contract," Quarles said.

Quarles said they have requested a debriefing with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services about why they weren't awarded the contract, as well as to determine whether or not jobs will be cut.

TrailBlazer expects to make the decision about layoffs, sometime next week.

Source: KXII