Exelis cuts more than 200 jobs in Fort Wayne

Exelis, one of the companies recently spun off from ITT, is laying off more than 200 workers in Fort Wayne, the company said Wednesday.

Tim White, a spokesman for Exelis, said the layoffs are happening because production of the SINCGARS radio, a staple of the company for 25 years, is tapering off. About 550,000 SINCGARS units have been sold to the U.S. military since its introduction, he said.

Ninety-five of the workers being laid off were called back this summer to staff a temporary surge in production, with the understanding that their jobs would be temporary, White said. The remainder of the “210-215” workers being laid off are regular, full-time employees, he said.

All those being laid off work in manufacturing.

As production of SINCGARS dwindles, he said, “We're aggressively marketing” new products.

After the layoffs, about 1,500 workers will still be employed by units of what was ITT in Fort Wayne, he said.

Source: News Sentinel