Bell Canada to cut 52 jobs

The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada says Bell Canada is consolidating some departments, a move that will result in the loss of 52 union jobs.

The union said members in Toronto and Ottawa will be affected by the cuts.

"We continue to see companies, such as Bell Canada, willing to move work anywhere, including out of the country, to protect their bottom line," said Barb Dolan, administrative vice-president of the union's Ontario region.

"It is time that the Canadian government take responsibility and act on behalf of workers and not corporations," Dolan said in a statement.

Bell spokesman Mark Langto refused to disclose any details on the reported consolidation, saying "we don't
comment on all staffing changes that we may make."

"We're a company of 60,000 people across Canada operating in a fast changing marketplace with growing competition. Change will happen. But the reality is we're expanding our service teams to support our growth TV, wireless and Internet businesses while managing impacts on traditional business lines like landline telephone," he said.

For example, Langto noted that company had hired 1,000 field service technicians in the last year to support its new Fibe TV service alone.

"And I can tell you that we are not moving work offshore -- in fact, we've greatly reduced the amount we send to international locations."

The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada is one of the country's largest unions, representing workers in pulp and paper mills, telephone companies and the oil, gas, chemical and mining industries.

Source: CTV