Andersen Corporation layoffs 250 employees

Citing hurting sales due to the housing market slump, window and door maker Andersen Corporation on Wednesday laid off 250 employees.

The Bayport-based company says the ongoing slump is hurting the company's sales of windows and doors. Andersen said the 250 workers affected are permanent full-time employees who would normally be kept through the winter. Most of them are production workers in Bayport.

Andersen will offer them unspecified severance packages, as well as career and job coaching. To cut costs, the company says it has also shortened workweeks and frozen hiring.

Andersen employs more than 9,000 workers nationwide. About a third of them are in Minnesota.

Andersen is privately-held and does not disclose sales or profits.

Other window and door manufacturers have been cutting jobs, including Pella. But Warroad-based Marvin Windows has followed a no-layoff policy during the housing downturn and plans to stick with that plan.

Source: MPR News