10 signs that you are getting fired

"You're fired!"

Two words you almost look forward to hearing on NBC's hit show "The Apprentice."

"You're fired."

Two words, and the show's over.

"You're fired."

Two words that are a real game-changer.

Just ask former Red Sox Manager Terry Francona or former Patriots defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth.

Elvis Presley was reportedly once fired before he became the king of rock 'n' roll.

Tiger Woods was pink-slipped from some promotional deals following his sex scandal.

And layoffs recently were announced at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island.

How do you know if it could happen to you? We went straight to career expert Thomas Wharton.

"Sometimes these signs could take place weeks or months before it actually happens," Wharton said.

The managing partner of OI Partners - Lifocus shared 10 signs you could to look for so you don't get fired:

1. "You are not involved in as many meetings."

2. "You're not involved in email campaigns, email that you once were with many of your colleagues."

3. "Coworkers seem to know more about what's going on than you do."

4. "You don't seem to be invited to as many activities and events and brainstorming sessions as you once were." (Stay involved and connected.)

5. "Your boss doesn't establish eye contact with you like he or she once did."

6. "There seems to be a lack of involvement to the extent that you once were as a valued employee."

7. "Poor performance review." (Those reviews matter.)

8. "Your boss seems to be picking on you, if you will, about things that you know are well or that you are doing everything that you are required to do."

9. "Is the company doing well? If the company has had some poor performing quarters. If the business is not what it should be."

10. "If you're in some industries or positions that appear to be and are growing in obsolescence, then it's time to consider doing something else."

So, before it gets to this point, is there anything you can do to save your job?

"I'm looking for people who are engaged. Get engaged. Volunteer for assignments. Volunteer to get involved in other aspects of the business. Show that you're a team player," Wharton said.

Be engaged. Go the extra mile.

"Coming to work, going home, collecting your paycheck -- would classify that as someone who is not engaged," Wharton said.

But keep in mind that many feel losing a job is a rite of passage -- a learning moment.

When heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman was fired from a furniture job, he went on to pursue his love of boxing.

Source: Turn to 10