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Delaware Congressional Delegation Job Skills Training Workshop

I am so honored to be included again this year

Delaware Congressional Delegation

Job Skills Training Workshop 

April 4th 9am to 1pm

More details as they become available I will also be exhibiting at the Congressional Delegation Job Fair on April 7th. 

Join me there - let me know if I can help in the meantime!
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Catch the footage on WBOC!

Be sure to tune in to WBOC to see Nicole Edenedo's coverage of the Optimizing LinkedIn for Business presentation I did for the Delaware Libraries 8/20/15.

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After 8 years of long time, dedicated service and occasional rough treatment, my old workhorse, a 17" HP Pavilion Laptop, finally gave up the ghost!  I was hoping to keep it going until the end of the year - it had recently showed signs that it was on its way out, but you get used to what you get used to...

Restart the computer several times a day - no problem!
No battery life - no problem, I will deal with it!
No ram for today's highly graphic programs and internet based work - fine!
Heavy, big, unwieldy - love it!

All and more was worth being able to type an article for myself or my client without thinking where what functional key was where, about how much pressure to place on each key stroke, or where to find the programs and information used most.  The world was at my fingertips - literally.

Thank heavens for the CLOUD!  In years past I remember replacing computers through an inelegant and time consuming flurry of floppy disks (If I could find the correct ones).  These days, I rely heavily on Chrome, Dropbox and Evernote, which made the sad passing of my old friend a bit easier.

Microsoft 365 also helped, with the possible exception of outlook - this is the only glitch in setting up my new DELL.  Yes, a touchscreen! (All the HPs I had picked out were not in stock at my local Staples). In fact, I had everything up and running, installed and downloading while making dinner!

If only Microsoft could store our logins (yes, I know not everyone has five email addresses) and signatures.  Especially the signatures!  I had 40 detailed and customized signatures I regularly whipped out for any specific need.  Messages, essentially that could be edited and sent quickly and thoroughly, containing all the information I needed without fear of leaving out something vitally important.

I WILL be finding a way to retrieve these as well as the PST files (I think this will help me set up my email addresses on my new best friend?) from my old hard drive. We will see how the rest of the week goes, but I hope by Monday I won't be having to think about where and how much and how fast to type on this new DELL.

Is it just me? Or are you just as comfortable with your tool of choice?  Maybe you don't spend all day at the computer.  Maybe you drive all day or have a favorite tool box.  Tell  me about that.

Talk to you soon!